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Plan Forward ™ 
Business Bootcamp

The Plan Forward™ Business Bootcamp online curriculum has been successfully used in a classroom setting for many years.  We are excited for the opportunity to expand to a broader audience by offering it solely online!

This bootcamp is an online 10-week program designed to empower small business owners and entrepreneurs.  You will be provided with resources, tools, mentoring, support, and a framework to get organized. 

Be a part of an exclusive cohort with a dedicated facilitator. 

Start and grow your business on the right foot!
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What to expect with this Bootcamp:
The next cohort starts July 11, 2022.
  • 10-week dripped course released in weekly segments, so you don't get overwhelmed
  • Each unit includes video lectures, e-books, and Knowledge Applications (worksheets) designed to build on itself
  • Facilitator led Unmute live sessions to bring the classroom experience to your living room, enhancing your online learning interactions
  • Meet the Expert webinars with our proven Business Champions presenting the commonly misunderstood and crucial information needed to start and run a business right (access to recordings if not able to attend live sessions)
  • Your commitment with time and effort now is critical and will determine your long-term success
  • 14-day money back guarantee
One of the benefits of this bootcamp is a product - your business plan or strategic roadmap.

The purpose of the bootcamp is to teach you a process that you can continue to use long after you have finished this course.

Develop the skill sets necessary to launch or pivot your business and plan forward for continued business growth. 

At the end of this course, you will have the tools to:
  • Create an executable business plan/strategic roadmap that matches the lifestyle of your dreams
  • Find your best customers
  • Develop a practical marketing strategy
  • Protect your financial future by creating realistic start-up cost estimates and attainable sales projections
  • Determine what capital expenditures best serve your business goals
  • Create financial documentation for funding
  • Gain an understanding of financing options
  • Discover the infrastructure you need to run the business effectively
  • And much more…

    You're not in this alone, we are here to help! 

Nancy Barnett - Facilitator

Curriculum Director, Instructor, Business Consultant
About me
Nancy has been teaching and coaching entrepreneurs for 11 years, helping them grow their craft into a profitable business.  Her passion is helping business owners start or improve their businesses by understanding all the components to build a strong business foundation. By navigating people through all parts of their business journey, she has learned as much from them as they have from her.

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